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Auction Items Preview

2 Indianapolis Colts packages: each includes 2 tickets to a home game against the Tennessee Titans on Sun. 12/12013 @ 1pm.  Package includes other fun items. Approx value $250 
3 Golf packages each including golf balls, golf hats. Valued from $200
Chocolate Lovers Basket: Approx value $150
Italian Food Fiesta Basket: It's a full suitcase but no airline tickets.  Includes $75 gift certificates to Italian restaurants and plenty of items to do your own Italian cooking.  Approx value $150
I-pod Shuffle Basket: silicone case set, portable speakers, arm band holder, and $75 certificate to Blue Mile, merchandise and expertise for walkers/runners.  Approx value $165
A Royal Knight: 1 night at the Renaissance in Carmel-includes a gift certificate to Bone Fish Grill . Approx value $380  
Trips around Indiana:  A night's stay in Columbus, Madison, or Merrillville(near Chicago) includes a restaurant certificate. Approx value of each $150
Michigan Travel:                                                                                  1)Dearborn Inn and tickets to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum.  Approx value  $330                                                          2)Metiver Inn on Mackinaw Island (2 nights)  Approx value $300
A Weekend in Cincinnatii:  1 Night at Holiday Inn and 6 tickets for the Creation Museum.  Approx value 275
Artistic Talents:  Wine and Canvas plus music store gift certificates. Approx value $115
Climbers' Ambition:  Climb Time and Hoosier Heights, Indianapolis-includes Firehouse .  Approx value $200 
Kid's Action:  2 Bounce U cards for 5 visits each plus 2 Monkey Joe's cards for 10 visits each.  Approx value $270
3 Gary Varvel drawings/prints:  9/11 in color, Bobby Knight and a football theme. 
A Few Family Outings:  These include trips to the Indianapolis Zoo, Conner Prairier, Pinheads and Ben Arie's.  Each package provides fun family food! Valued from $50 
5 Star Dance Studio: 2 Ballroom Dancing Lessons. Dinner included in this package.  Approx value $275
Hare Chevrolet:  Unlimited Car Washes and a service package.  Approx value $200
Games Galore Basket: Puzzel, Bingo game, Set, Spot It! Jenga, Yatzee, Horton Hears a Who! DVD, 2 music CD's, 5 admissions to Bounce U, Culver's gift card and munchies.  Approx value $185
Chinese Collectibles basket:  Value TBD