Adoption Journeys


We are Craig and Kim Benedict. In the last almost 10 years of marriage, the Lord has blessed us with many wonderful opportunities to see His Magnificence, in times of great blessing and in times of bumpy paths. We’d always thought we’d like to be parents “in the future,” but God kept placing the idea of adoption right in front of us.  In late 2010, the Lord finally drew our hearts to share our life with some little ones, and we began the adoption process in Ethiopia.

Timeline: We started our home study and paper chasing in Dec. 2010 and completed everything to submit our file to Ethiopia in July 2011.  On June 20, 2013, our much anticipated phone call came with a referral of THREE (Surprise!) precious kiddos, all siblings. Praise to our faithful God! We have since traveled to Ethiopia for our court date.  We anticipate a call in October 2013 for our US Embassy interview date in Ethiopia -- after which we will be able to bring our children home.


We felt called to adopt because it reminds us of our own spiritual condition.  When we look at the orphan care crisis, we are immediately reminded of our helpless state as sinners. We had no hope before God adopted us into His own family. We had nothing to offer, yet now through God's grace we will inherit

the kingdom. Scripture shows us that God cares for orphans, and it calls us to care for them as well. We are excited to be His hands and feet in adoption.

Timeline: After waiting more years than we would have ever anticipated, our 4-1/2 year old Hudson came home in early September 2013.  We have a limited time frame of about 12 months to reuse our dossier for a second referral (to be matched with a daughter).



Upon believing in Jesus, Kate and I were immediately & securely into God’s kingdom. Loving God’s design, seeking to love what He loves, and desiring to be obedient from thankful hearts, we then want to show His same unmerited love & grace that we received, to our Ethiopian son by making him no longer an orphan, but securely and forever made a part of our family, and a recipient of the same love, care, and acceptance as our biological children.


Timeline: We traveled in late July 2013 for our court date in Ethiopia. We expect to return to Ethiopia before the end of the year to bring our son home!


God placed adoption on our hearts long before we met. We were intimidated by the cost of adopting but decided that we would still pursue this path and trust God to work it out if it was His will. God has provided for us to start not only the Ethiopia adoption but also for us to pursue an adoption through India. We sent our dossier in January 2013 and we are on a 2 year waiting list for Ethiopia. We are currently compiling our dossier for India.


Timeline: We are expecting a referral from India within the next 4 months.


Randy & Sharon Dias

We are Randy and Sharon Dias and family.  We can’t imagine this adoption journey without God’s faithfulness constantly before us as well as the incredible support of our church family.  Because of the One Less Orphan fundraiser, we were able to raise the funds  needed to complete our adoption and bring Joseph Tofic (6) and Esther Merima (4) home!!  

“Let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth.”  1John 3:18

Shaun & Kimberly Swingle 

We are Shaun and Kimberly Swingle. Last year the One Less Orphan fundraiser helped us pay for an unexpected additional trip to Ghana. The typical adoption process from Ghana requires families to travel to the country two times. However, things did not go according to plan on our first trip. We were required to make a 3rd trip in order to bring our children home. Because of your generosity last year, we made this trip with no delay in the adoption process. Keturah (5) and Abraham (3) have been home with us since April 2011.